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Olivier Rousteing Serves a Kaleidescope Collection for Jean Paul Gaultier’s Haute Couture Show

Fashion’s It Boy Designer Darling Olivier Rousteing stepped in to design the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture show this season and we couldn’t be more impressed with this kaleidescope [k]ollection. Rousteing, who’s been the Creative Director of Balmain since 2011, has always had a knack for creating over the top designs that also happen to be on trend. ‘Wearable art’ seems to be a mantra of every collection he’s ever designed, and the most recent for JPG is an ode to Gaultier’s design expertise that’s been cultivated for decades with Rousteing’s extraordinary imagination. “This show is an open letter to Jean Paul, an open letter of love,” Rousteing remarked before the show, and it was. Featuring a dress in the style of Gaultier’s iconic perfume bottles was one of the most inventive and exciting pieces from the Haute Couture runway this season, not to mention the expertly mixed patterns and streetwear that’s also made to measure. As JPG is choosing a new designer each year to design his couture collection, we’re not sure if Olivier Rousteing’s pieces can be topped, by JPG or anyone in the Haute Couture circuit next season, but alas we must wait to find out!

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