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Introducing Robin’s Jean: The Exclusive Denim Brand You Need To Know About

If you haven’t heard of Robin’s Jean, you wouldn’t be the first. The super stylish denim brand has been a closely guarded secret by celebrities since 2005, when the fashion house first came on the scene. Created by Robin Chretien, Robin’s Jean aren’t some fast-fashion fad, they’re a cool kid alternative that’s here to stay. With celebs like Kodak Black, Chloe Cherry and FettyWap as fans, Robin’s Jean are renowned for their biker-chic aesthetic that mixes innovative design with wearability. Using wings as the symbol for the brand, Founder & Designer Robin said, “I came to the United States because I love the US. I make jeans because it’s always been my dream. To make jeans in the country that I love is my dream come true. Where better to make jeans than Los Angeles when your brand has angel wings? I design, produce, and manufacture Robin’s Jean in the U.S.A. with imported fabrics from all over the world to ensure originality and exclusivity!”

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