River Callaway is a professional photographer and writer originally from Atlanta, currently living in Los Angeles and Lisbon. She's shot the indigenous Arhuaco tribespeople of Colombia, fishermen in Portugal, the runways of New York and London Fashion Week, and much more. She's currently a photographer with BFA and The LA Fashion Magazine, and her fashion and event photography has been featured in Vogue and People Magazine. As the Senior Editor and Photographer with The LA Fashion Magazine she's written over 250 articles surrounding beauty, fashion, and travel, and in-depth pieces about emerging talent in various industries.

Currently River Callaway has been covering the COVID-19 pandemic through photography for various media outlets in Los Angeles. To book, email below or reach out on instagram: @rivercallaway 

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River Callaway specializes in images that make you think. Whether it's an indigenous tribe in the Colombian jungle or a runway during New York Fashion Week, River Callaway is an expert in capturing moments. She is currently based out of Los Angeles, CA.