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Chanel’s Haute Couture Collection Is a Renaissance of Tweed

Virginie Viard may not have the je ne sais quoi that Karl Lagerfeld had for putting on overly extravagant-and overly expensive haute couture collections, but what she does have in spades is a renaissance-revival of tweed. Arguably the most iconic fabric of Chanel, and was what truly set Coco Chanel apart when she was designing in the 1940s, tweed has always been apart of the Chanel aesthetic. ‘Buy a Chanel suit and it never goes out of style,’ but in today’s world, the women wearing Chanel suits are geriatrics, and it’s always been a challenge-even for Lagerfeld-to make tweed marketable to the youth. Viard has expertly channeled fresh, bold colors with a tried and true tweed pattern in exciting styles that any fashion girl can throw on with a pair of jeans. It’s a look that’s totally street-style approved. “Constructivist inspirations invoke geometric statements through optical illusions imbued with lightness and a resolute modernity” says Viard about the collection, and we’re totally here for it.

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