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Tommy x Gigi Takes Over Venice Beach

Tommy Hilfiger launched his second collection with top Supermodel of the moment, Gigi Hadid, aptly named Tommy x Gigi with a runway show on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. It was a sight to see, as what is usually the open space beach leading to the ocean was transformed into an All-American wonderland, ergo 'Tommyland,' with cotton candy machines, a Ferris wheel and his collection being sold a la carte before the runway show created an exclusive event with thousands packed outside the gates desperate to witness this epic collab.

Lady Gaga looked fearless straight off her Superbowl Half-time Show, Yolanda, Mohammad and youngest Hadid, Anwar, took their front row seats next to Instagram's finest-Cameron Dallas, Shea Marie & Caroline Vreeland, and Valentina Ferragni (Chiara Ferragni's sister) all clad in Tommy. Barely making it to my seat when the crowd quieted and the music started -Gigi, fashion's shining star strutted down the concrete runway, ever transforming Venice into a huge Runway show. Her younger sister and It-Girl-in-waiting, Bella Hadid walked after her in a flowy maxi dress. LA's most fashionable pined to see each look as the rest of fashion week and Victoria's Secret's supermodels each took their walk, all garbed in red, white, and denim-immortalizing Tommy as America's own. 

Tommy's take on a classic American style is the ultimate Hilfiger brand, and the timeless pieces seen last year were reinvented again to feature a California-vibe. Denim jackets that seemed so 90s are suddenly back in a big way, as are striped jeans made with different colored denim. Last year's first Tommy x Gigi collection had pieces of a sailor-meets-supermodel/60s aesthetic, bringing back high waisted & high buttoned pants, jackets with hard lines, and striped stripes. The Hilfiger brand of neutral colors one can-match-with-anything ideal is everlasting as this year's collection followed a similar vibe of 'Tommy essentials' but with more pops of color, oversized sweatshirts swaying side by side off Hailey Baldwin, and bringing back crop tops with low rise pants. This ready-to-buy collection was available immediately at a pop-up on the Tommyland premise off to the side of the runway, making his brand ever more accessible to the American public his designs so prominently reflected. 

The collection was fantastic to see in person, and as Tommy and Gigi waved with the parade of glam gals behind them clad in denim, flawy maxis and tons of color against the converted Venice backdrop, this brand is and always has been an American staple, and its latest collab-collection was a deeply California one. 

The show ended with hoards of people trying to take selfies with Lady Gaga, and surprise guest Fergie began performing her biggest hits...As Kaia Gerber, Tommy himself, and the rest of the supermodels fresh off the runway gathered in the VIP area of the post show, I sipped my champagne and glimpsed at what was truly an event to to have another mysterious LA night...



**All photos shown on this article and on my Tommy x Gigi Photo page were taken and edited by me

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