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All the Looks from Virgil Abloh’s Final Collection for Louis Vuitton

For Virgil Abloh’s eighth and final collection for Louis Vuitton, named Louis Dreamhouse, Abloh’s creative spirit and genius street-style meets sleek style that came to redefine menswear and the aging fashion house came to life one last time. With 68 looks that featured men and women, including supermodel Naomi Campbell, Louis Dreamhouse is an evolution of fashion and gender archetypes, it’s a progression into more stylistic ambiguity, where everyone can be represented equally no matter what they’re wearing.

“Through the lens of Virgil Abloh’s central Boyhood Ideology, seeing the world with the eyes of a child, the collection transmutes the dress codes popularly tied to societal archetypes and patchworks them in new ways. Through materials and techniques, gestures of surrealism take form, abstracting the familiar and expanding our horizons.”

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