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Golden Globes Party: A Recap

Awards Season is upon us in LA, which means if you’re lucky enough to snag an invite to a party or one of the Awards itself, you know as well as the LA traffic: there’s a lot going on. Most of you have already seen the headlines, the snapchats, and the instagram posts, and know by now that the legendary Chateau Marmont throws legendary parties. But here’s the inside scoop of what went down inside the glamorous celeb-filled party itself.

Photo Credit: W Magazine

Meticulously picking my outfit for glam/chic with a touch of rocker girl, I stepped out of my Uber and walked up the cobblestone pathway, with the paparazzi behind me and the legendary Chateau in front of me. Past the check-in girl in the lobby, I headed straight for the oval bar at the back of the large living room lounge. Ordering a drink immediately to calm my nerves, I barely had time to take a few deep breaths before I realized the company that made up this small historic parlor. Movie stars, famous musicians and Fashion’s ‘It Girls’ were glamorously lounging in their couture all around me. Amy Adams and Jessica Biel were catching up as Justin Timberlake was in deep conversation with a record mogul. Caroline Vreeland was toasting Moet to a group of rockstars, and in walks the ever-so mysterious Evan Rachel Wood, elegantly taking her seat amongst the group. 

Photo Credit: W Magazine

The bartender looked at my bewildered face with a smirk and a knowing eyes-I clearly was a novice to these type of events. I downed my martini and took one more glance around at the star-studded guests, it was time to head to the actual party itself, on the notorious 6th Floor of the Chateau. Rented out and renovated for W Magazine, all the rooms of the 6th floor were opened and designed to feature different 60's interior decor. It was nothing short of a Mad-Men meets Old Hollywood Dreamland, some had desserts, some had rooms converted for professional photographs to be taken of the guests (ever wonder how they get those celebs to pose at parties in amazing backdrops?) and the hallways were lined on one side with huge mirrors and the other covered with huge W Magazine covers, featuring the very celebs at the party. It was as if Gatsby himself had designed this party. 


With actors and actresses whisked into various rooms to have their pictures professionally taken, I clutched on to the pink champagne offered at the door and kept walking down the hallway. The mirrored hallway opened up to a large living room, with a DJ and her entourage all in fire-red suits in one corner and the adjacent side had beautiful bartenders serving the everlasting pink champagne. Glamorous people had kicked off their shoes and were swinging their gowns to the DJ music, a  mix of electronica with 80s classics, a girl with long mermaid hair twirled, a couple was doing the Charleston, and some had decided to dance on the white couches sans-stilletos. The living rooms’ double doors opened up to the grandest space of all-the balcony. Couples were snapping pics, industry execs were chatting and laughing, some were dancing to the music blasting from inside, and all were overlooking Sunset Blvd as we got closer and closer to midnight.

Photo Credit: W Magazine

All of Hollywood had showed up to mix and mingle, twirl and toast to the upcoming Golden Globes. And as Barbara Streisand posed for a picture with James Brolin, James Corden giggled at Millie Bobbie Brown and Tom Ford moved elegantly around the room in his own sunglasses, this was THE party to be at. 

The passing of time was only noticed as the ebb and flow of guests throughout the night, and as the evening came to an end and the celebs escaped into their private cars for the night, I walked down the persian-rug staircase and headed for my awaiting uber. Taking one last glance at the 6th floor above me, with music and lights still blasting out of it, I disappeared into the night as well. Headed back to my North Hollywood apartment I giggled uncontrollably at the event I had just left (did I have too much champagne?) and wondering-was it all a dream? 

Until next time, 

xoxo River

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